When I lose my peace, the first thing I must do is notice it’s missing. I’m getting better at that. As the Course in Miracles says, when you begin to experience true peace, you get more sensitive to its coming and going.

The next step is to stop what I’m doing – to take a breath and open a space for peace to return. I’m also getting better at that. I see that nothing good comes for me – or those around me – unless I’m coming from peace. It makes absolutely no sense to “do one more thing” before taking that time out.

And then, there’s the recovery – restoring peace in that space I’ve opened for it. I need to get better at recovery. I got lost in this step today. For me, there’s just about nothing that feels worse than knowing I’ve lost my peace and cannot find it.

Even though I know it’s right here! Right now!

I’m pretty quick to jump to the next steps, which are finding the message in the upset and doing the healing called forth by this message. But, it doesn’t work if I can’t get back to peace first.

I have a host of methods I use to understand the message and do the healing. But, I’m seeing I don’t have a good process for doing the recovery. Here’s what I came up with today:

Remember my connection to all life. Feel that. Express love into that. Call for blessings for all life. And express my gratitude for all my spirit brothers and sisters – both for being here now, in the game of life together – and for their presence in my life.

Remember that I am loved, blessed, guided, and protected. Know it.

Remember that every situation arises for my awakening. That I’m ok.

Today, that was enough. I know I feel much better after this. My daughter just used her word to described it: chillax – chill plus relax. I feel my body loosening and settling down. I feel the peace slipping back into place. I feel lighter – as though possibilities are opening ahead where before, I saw none.

Now I can go find the messages. Then I can heal the real trouble.

I don’t like being separated from my peace, because in those moments I feel separate from everything and everyone. I feel locked out of life – totally stuck. Yuck!

When I recover my peace, I feel ready to move forward – to allow myself to be in flow – to resume my place as the seer of the world instead of the victim of the world.

I hope this works for you too!