Writing your awakening

Last Sunday, John Deakyne and I facilitated a mini workshop around using writing as a tool for awakening. We did a couple exercises in which we connected with a charged moment – either Now, a moment in the past, or a special place that Spirit brought to mind – and once connected fully with that moment, we wrote briefly to capture the essence of what was there. We shared about the process and read our writing – some prose, some poetry. Several people confessed that they weren’t writers, and then proceeded to produce some very touching writing.

Our idea is that, once we capture one of these charged moments, we can return to them to re-mind us, re-member the moment, to release something in that moment, and even to share them with others.

Here’s what I wrote about my Now moment:


radiant light
pulsing gently
warm embrace
peaceful washing
gentle space
slowly unfolding
when I call you
this is My call
this is My way
opening you

I am calling
you into the light
come and be the light