Attachment and non-attachment

I was just thinking that attachment this morning – this now – means that I’m bringing something forward from yesterday – not to learn from it – but somehow clinging to it. That means today is not fresh, it’s stale – even before it begins.

The thing I’m clinging to could be a bummer – it could also be a flamer – or a joy.

But there ┬áit is – attached to me – to my idea of me.

And it isn’t an attachment to the person, place, thing, event – they’re all gone. It’s an attachment to the story I made up about it.

So, around my neck, weighing me down, are a bunch of stories. That aint freedom.

In metaphysics, they say “bless the past and release it.” Makes sense.

This morning, I’m starting my life over again. As any little child or baby would. Without attachments to yesterdays.