Three Spiritual Tasks

In front of me now I see three spiritual tasks.

The first is union with myself – bringing together my form, my observer-self, and my true self. I’ve been hopping around between these three ways of being. Now is the moment to combine them into one complete being.

The second is union with my partner – bringing together my complete being with her complete being, and co-creating our sacred union. I’ve been learning about this throughout my life. Only now am I ready to undertake this sacred union.

The third is union with Nature – transcending my complete being and my sacred union to become one with all beings. This morning I saw myself walking along a creek bed, under a bridge, into a new area in the forest. Suddenly, my form came completely apart. Tiny fragments flew instantly into every element around me – trees, rocks, soil, water – I was everything. Or a piece of me was. And still I was observing all of this – even as I felt myself fly apart. I am part of Nature, I am all of Nature, Nature is me. The third task is to live from and share this union.

Actually, that’s the fourth task – to live from and share the learning and experiencing of the first three tasks. That should keep me joyfully occupied for, let’s see, about the rest of my life in form!