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Video Keyword Research

Tips, strategies, and techniques to help your videos get found on YouTube’s platform.

Video SEO is an important part of growing a successful YouTube channel. In fact, many successful YouTubers cite SEO as the #1 driver behind their channel’s success. So if want to rank your videos at the top of YouTube’s search results, you’re in the right place.

This page contains a library of resources to help you optimize your videos for YouTube SEO.

YouTube Keyword Research

Just like with “normal” SEO, video SEO starts with keyword research. And this resource will show you a handful of strategies that you can use to uncover keywords for your YouTube videos.

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YouTube Video Title

Your video’s title is a critical part of optimizing your video for SEO. See best practices for optimizing your Video Title here.

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YouTube Video Description

YouTube uses your video’s description to understand your video’s topic, theme, content and more. This resource will show you how to write SEO-friendly descriptions in 2018.

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YouTube Tags

Learn the exact process for optimizing your video’s tags (including breakdowns of videos that are rankings in YouTube for super competitive keywords).

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Engagement Signals

Learn how to generate more subscribers, likes and comments on every video that you publish.

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Audience Retention

How do you get viewers to watch your video all the way to the end? This resource has you covered with a number of actionable tips and strategies.

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Watch Time

Learn how to maximize YouTube’s #1 rankings signal: Total Watch Time.

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Channel Keywords

The right Channel Keywords can increase the rankings of your entire channel. See best practices for writing Channel Keywords right here.

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YouTube Hashtags

How to use YouTube hashtags to get more views on your videos.

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