Focus before clarity

Perhaps you think that you need to get clear about this thing that’s troubling you – then you’ll know what to focus on. Could be, you’ve got it backward. It seems so to me this morning.

How can we get to clarity without focus?

So, how about tackling our trouble first by establishing a theory about what to focus on.

Yesterday morning’s message was: New Life. New everything. Create it from scratch. Imagine it. Where to begin?

I gushed out a list of stuff I think I want in my life – about twenty really wonderful “things.” Ok, that’s a start.

This morning’s message was: pick five. Five to focus on. Where to begin?

Picking a focus doesn’t mean the other fifteen things won’t be part of the New Life. It doesn’t mean I have to give them up.

Picking a focus doesn’t mean these five must come first.

Picking a focus doesn’t mean these five leverage the other fifteen into existence.

The criteria I got was simple: which five make your heart sing The Most?

It was easy to pick five – but I had five more that wouldn’t go away. As I looked at them and felt my heart’s reaction, I got enough clarity to combine a couple into more powerful “things.” With a little guidance, I got down to five. I feel really good about them.

And you know why, there’s a clarity in this focus! Now, I can get to work – in a focused way!