My personal history is only one day long – today. Here’s the focus for me today.

Authenticity. After years of effort to find out who I was supposed to be in order to meet the expectations of those around me, I quit. Who am I? How does “I” show up in the world? How will I know when I’m being authentic and when I’m not? How does my being authentic affect the world? How do I help others be authentic?

This is the bold experiment. Like a lot of people, I’m in the midst of a big transformation. My life has been deconstructed and rebuilt many times. As I turn my attention to creating a new life yet again, the question “who am I?” takes center stage.

Connection. For me, there’s always a deep desire to connect – with God, with Nature Spirits, with plants and animals around me, and with people I meet – at least some of them! It’s easy for me to see The Light in my fellow beings – I want to connect to that and nurture it in each of us.

Peace. I believe everything I desire comes from a ground of peace. Restoring my peace is always the first step out of any trouble that comes up for me. It takes practice and vigilance to keep the peace. Especially in a world that’s growing crazier every day.

I understand “service” for me means “loving others out of their fears.” And so I keep my eye out for opportunities to serve in this way.

Authenticity – connection – peace – service. That’s the game – for today!