Best of the Best

In my work, I’m clear that the best of the best is connecting with Spirit – and sharing that connection with others. In that, there’s my own spiritual practice, healing, and teaching – the actions that are the best of the best. This connection shows up for me in Nature, music, and writing – the best of the best.

And I get that working with kids is also the best of the best for me. It’s fun working with anyone who is engaged – more fun working with kids who are engaged.

I get that, when I’m coming from the field, any of this is God’s work. So, it’s all good.

I also get that there are clues to the specific focus of this work which remain missing for me now. And I do think coming together with the love of my life is the final piece necessary for this work to make itself known.

I accept this new work and welcome it into my life now.

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